Document Management System

Records management system


When it comes to document input, most of the businesses opt for digital files. Our DMS is open source system which allows inputting files through the following sources:

Professional Scanners/ Plotters/ Manual Upload/ Automated Processes for Mass Uploading


Document indexing is the process of associating or tagging documents with different “search” items. Indexing is a path to the document. The path is based upon business processes and requirements. The Processing further involves recognition of printed text on paper-based & electronic documents (e.g., scanned image of a document) into electronic information.


Keeping sensitive information in document management software helps ensure that the information is kept safe. DMS allows you to safeguard confidential business information through a variety of security measures and ways including the use of customised access rights that only allow authorized users to access documents.


The DMS allow users to access documents while on move, no matter where that individual is. It’s also useful to organisations which have a large workforce across the globe, offering them access to data no matter what time zone they may find themselves in.


Our DMS is easy & simple to navigate. Not everyone is technologically inclined, so the simpler the software, the better it is.


Archiving of sensitive or compliance related documents can be extremely costly. Having to store the paper documents, provide proper security and efficiently archive the data in order to facilitate easy retrieval, can be prohibitive for many businesses. Reproducing documents because the originals are unavailable, lost or misfiled, will be a time-consuming and counter productive exercise. Selecting a document management system that allows for electronic archival of documents is a smart solution that prevents all of these concerns.

Shelves Tech provides complete Records and Documents Management and Storage Solutions under one roof. Storing and managing millions of records and documents yourself can be challenging, costly and time consuming affair with a persistent challenge i.e. SAFE STORAGE and EASY RETRIEVAL. Our services are focused to release your burden of managing heaps of documents and minimize administration costs for your business.

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